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Re: VMs: Re: Who got ...?

On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, [iso-8859-1] jean-yves artero wrote:
> Hi again Mart, your thoughts I share to a broad extent ...
> Mart Vabar <mesinik@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> one point of interest could be to ask them, if they got possible 
>> "suggestions" from secret services.
>> both Voynich and Kravchinsky was probably "interesting" for ss-es.
>> this is an old story anyway and it could be possible, the participants will 
>> tell us about possible advices for trade or even about the origin of VMS.
>> not much hope, but maybe worth to try.

> OK Do you think the Italian tour by Ethel and Stepniak could be relevant?
> The preparation of the VMS "bargain" should be traced between say 189X and 
> 191X, right?

surely this was the time, he began to create the "legend" about this tome for
typical buyers in anglo-american market.
the possible suggestions for buyers (from secret services) could be done much 
later, too.

> In a  way, one century ago; I cannot imagine at the moment that
> even in the case of a hoax, or of a "ss-es" file, some people are still to be 
> protected.

I agree. But you see - like the Parkinsons law tells us - one thing is, what 
the ss-es (like any other organizations) are doing, another thing is, what is 
written down in papers.
we can hope an honest answer to such questions only, if the "real activities" 
(in our case the possible suggestions for actual buyers) are not criminal.

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