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VMs: Reprint

Hi everybody
I just learnt that this book :
Gustav Wilhelm Geßmann
Geheimsymbole der Arzneikunde, Alchemie und Astrologie

228 Seiten, 122 Tafeln, deutsches und lateinisches Sachregister, Format 14,5 x 22,0 cm, Fadenheftung
?  (D) 14,95 | sFr 26,60 | ?  (A) 15,40
Titel ist lieferbar


which I think was quoted by D'imperio in her's and anyway probably is a reference work is now available; I am afraid it s in German ( ;-) ) but the symbols are self explanatory (;-) ).

It is to be found on this site:


if you choose Naturwissenschaften; afterwards if you wish to order it it s straightforward with amazon.de ( I am not paid by those guys thus take it easy ).




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