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VMs: f85r2 "four ages" diagram

I just received and finished reading through
D'Imperio's book (two months wait - so much for the
supposed convenience of Amazon :). Anyways, one (of
the many) things she mentions is the "four ages"
diagram on f85r2 (1006229) and similarities with
existing manuscripts and possible tie-ins with Galenic
medicine. I've done a quick search of the archives but
don't see any discussion. Is there any work out there
which would help in researching this page?

...For the past few months I've been trying to work
out a non-lexical based, language independent, word
segmentation program to see if we could come to some
more definitive conclusion on the open-ended debate of
whether the spaces are word boundaries or not. Haven't
been able to get it to work to a decent degree of
performance (though apparently, nobody in
Computational Linguistics can either :). I've tried
collocation analysis and minimum description length in
all sorts of algorithms. I'll keep picking at it
whenever a new idea pops up and if anyone else has
some insights, that would be great. Quite a learning
experience in any case. I'm looking for a new main
point of focus, though, and folio f85r2 jumped out at
me while reading D'Imperio.


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