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Re: VMs: f85r2 "four ages" diagram

Hi Eric,

At 10:18 10/07/2004 -0700, Eric wrote:
Anyways, one (of the many)
things she [D'Imperio] mentions is the "four ages"
diagram on f85r2 (1006229) and similarities with
existing manuscripts and possible tie-ins with Galenic
medicine. I've done a quick search of the archives but
don't see any discussion. Is there any work out there
which would help in researching this page?

AFAIK, no: people have tended to find the four characters on the magic circle page (f57v) much more interesting - FWIW, I suspect that they are four directional demons, including Paymon. By comparison, f85r2 initially seems rather more mundane - but there may be more to see now.

For f85r2, the sidfiles have succeeded in making the objects (which the four characters are holding) much clearer (though, naturally, not necessarily more understandable):-
N ring on a finger (though the hand seems back to front?)
E orb with cylindrical neck and conical stopper (hand again back to front?)
S a chain of ring-like objects (perhaps a kind of regional bread?)
W a stylised anchor (perhaps a fleur-de-lys?)

Perhaps you might start your research by using Jon Grove's plugin on these characters to see if there's anything subtle beneath the paint we've missed?

FWIW, my best guess is that the four directions on this page are actually stylised representations of countries/states, relative to Milan (of course):-
N = Holy Roman Emperor (ring)
E = Venice (glassware)
S = Rome/Sicily (a blind guess on my part, but feel free to play cherchez-le-pain) :-)
W = France (fleur-de-lys)

At the very least, that's a coherent hypothesis you might consider testing in your own research. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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