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RE: VMs: Colour separation

Title: RE: VMs: Colour separation

Hi Nick,

Glad it worked in the end. I should put in some checks for 'awkward' colours and do something sensible with them.

What impresses me is that once the overpainting has been removed, the underlying ink drawings look so much better, and seem to have been made with considerable care. Some of the plants, for example, have a lot of detail in the drawing that is practically invisible through the green paint.


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> Hi Jon,
> At 17:22 12/07/2004 +0100, Jon Grove wrote:
> >Hmm - puzzling. As I mentioned before, I've only got PSP7 to
> test it with,
> >but I'm not aware of having used anything unorthodox that
> would make it
> >incompatible with other products.
> >
> >However the initial separation colours (prior to any
> picking) are taken
> >from the foreground and background colours set up in PSP -
> if these are
> >grey levels then it may result in an undisplayable
> separation. If you hold
> >down either shift or control (or both) and move the mouse over the
> >preview, you should see the original image displayed so you
> can pick from
> >it. If not, then I'm at a bit of a loss as to what's going on.
> OK, I've got it now - that hint&tip was enough to get me started. :-)
> Unfortunately, the zodiac ink is proving hard to separate
> cleanly from the
> drawing ink - they're not ~perfectly~ identical, but they're
> uncomfortably
> close. :-(
> BTW, deconvolve the blue paint from the crossbowman picture
> and you can
> just about make out a set of buttons on the front of his
> cloak, one of
> which was (apparently) originally painted red! :-)
> This is a cool plugin, Jon: but it's going to take a little
> while to really
> master the subtleties of deconvolution colour picking... :-o
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....
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