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Re: Re: Re: VMs: Older picture galleries

Hello Elmar,  

======= At 2004-09-01, 13:47:00 you wrote: =======

>Zitat von Jan <hurychj@xxxxxxxxx>:
>I'd be surprised. Mind you, the Templars' order was destroyed in 1307, which 
>seems to predate the VM by at least 150 years. Any theory linking the two would 
>have to explain the gap.

Apparently somebody discovered the date when the VM was written - I am sorry I missed that :-).  Now Roger Bacon (1214-1292) didn't even live to see Templars being dispersed and still, 
his authorship was seriously considered. And yes, there was a gap  about 250 years after his 
death  - till Dee discovered the VM in one monastery (or so they claimed)  - which so far 
did not bother anybody, since it was expected the manuscript probably laid there 
comfortably all that time :-).  

But seriously, I was looking just for some proofs, since I accidentally hit  a page hinting 
VM-Templar connection and could not find any.  



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