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Re: VMs: Older picture galleries

Hi Nick

OK so I missed out the word else! Anyway you proved my point. You don't
believe it so intrinsically I was right. Look between the bottom left and
middle left rosettes. You will see the sea depicted around them and two
corners masked by the edges of the rosettes. In the center a miniture of the
double egde effect as seen in the painting. In the miniature the walls curve
in. As they didn't have aerial photography in those days I believe this is
the best interpretation they had.

Nine rosettes is quite important here as I believe it to be a representation
of the nine spheres the highest of which is God's and holds the divinity
within man. All learning leads to divinity.

The central rosette being at the center of all thing holds the heavenly
castle. The castle of the stars. What any of the other symbols are is
anyones guess. And yes I do believe it post dates 1586. In fact I believe it
could even post date 1596. Who says I don't go out on a limb?


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> Hi Jeff,
> At 19:29 01/09/2004 +0100, Jeff wrote:
> >The castle is Kronborg castle but absolutely no one on this list will
> >believe it.
> That would date the VMs to after 1585 (before which Kronburg castle was
> much smaller and called "Krogen"): in particular, I don't really see any
> "the special triangular ramparts that are so characteristic of Kronborg"
> the VMs' castle - but perhaps you've seen something I haven't.
>          http://www.kronborgcastle.com/
> Perhaps more interesting is the implicit paradox here: are you saying that
> you too, as someone on this list, won't ever believe your assertion
either? :-9
>          http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?CretanParadox
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....
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