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Re: VMs: Older picture galleries

Hi Jeff,

At 22:12 01/09/2004 +0100, Jeff wrote:
OK so I missed out the word else! Anyway you proved my point. You don't
believe it so intrinsically I was right.

FWIW, it was the lack of supporting evidence that led to that, not the provenance - I was genuinely interested enough to go and read about its history, wasn't I? :-o

Nine rosettes is quite important here as I believe it to be a representation
of the nine spheres the highest of which is God's and holds the divinity
within man. All learning leads to divinity.

Nine spheres: "primum mobile, fixed stars, Saturn, Jupiter Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon".

Nine spheres of heaven in Dante's Inferno:-

But are the nine rosettes the nine spheres? I've spent a lot of time trying to understand this page, and I have to say (stars notwithstanding) that I don't presently think it's either astronomical or astrological. I should perhaps add that I'm *far* more convinced that the series of circular diagrams immediately preceding the VMs' zodiac diagrams represents the seven classical planets:-

Page Planet # of segments
f67r1 moon 12 (note: quire 9 misbound, so out of sequence)
f68v2 mercury? 8
f68v1 sun 16
f69r venus? 6 (centre), 12 lines, 45 pipe-holes, 16 divisions
f69v mars? 8 (centre), 14/28 pipes
f70r1 jupiter? 6 (centre), 29/58 stones, 9 mushrooms
f70r2 saturn? 8/16 divisions

Perhaps someone more familiar with the numerology of astronomical periods might care to try to correct these tentative allocations?

BTW, note that f69r has a starting point marked into the "pipe" at about "two o'clock".

The central rosette being at the center of all thing holds the heavenly
castle. The castle of the stars.

Well, perhaps we do agree on something after all! :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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