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Re: VMs: Wired Rugg...

On Sat, 4 Sep 2004, Rene Zandbergen wrote:
> A similar joke is the fact that Rugg is supposed to be the first to work
> on the basis of the assumption that the MS is a hoax.

It might be wise to bear in mind that this is a third party production
incorporating some remarks from Rugg.  There may well be significant
differences between what he thinks and what the article depicts him as
thinking.  Who has ever been interviewed without a bit of trepedation, or
read the results without a degree of chagrin?  Given the context of the
article, one assumes selective use of facts mixed with lies to argue
distorted points of view is the name of the game at this site.

Still, I think we can agreee that he thinks the VMs is a post-1550 hoax of
some sort, and that he is "close" to understanding how it was put
together.  In short, he joins the list of those who have offered solutions
of one sort or another.  He's entitled to pursue the matter, piling proof
on proof if he can, and attempting to convince people willing to work over
his solutions to do so and see if they get the same results.  Trying to
get people who merely want to read about it to agree with him and to vote
that he has the solution - winning in the court of public opinion, is not
quite the same thing, but I don't think he's really trying to do this.

> We're not surfers who all of a sudden find that the sea has gone away.
> Someone is just claiming that it has gone away but I can still sea, hear
> and smell the sea.

I tend to agree, but, unfortunately, I still can't surf.  Which is pretty

If I was going to make a convincing hoax and was willing to go to a lot of
trouble to make it look real I'd have had that repetition out in a second,
and if I was going to try to defraud somebody of, say, $60K, I'd have
looked for an easier way to make the document anyway.  A page an hour?  I
could write something real and plausible-sounding faster.  If it is
gibberish I'd expect that it was written by some sort of monomaniac who
was convinced even as he wrote it that it wasn't.

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