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Re: VMs: Stroke harmony. Was: Has anyone been down this route before?

From: Jacques Guy <jguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> On the other hand, there is no 
>fundamental difference when you speak of the 
>(astrological) glyph for "Jupiter", or that for
>"quincunx", or of the (Mayan) glyph for "jaguar", or
>for the syllable "ba". 

   In other words, a glyph is a set of markings on a writing medium that constitutes a single, more or less irreducible unit of meaning.  A glyph may stand for a "word" or lexical entry (which may mean the same thing in different languages) , or a syllable, or a phoneme.  

   Incidentally, I understand that the Semitic systems like Hebrew or Arabic which only write consonant phonemes (I forget John Koontz' excellent term) are considered syllabaries.  Is this correct?  

>Further, consider how we say "digraph" for 
>sequences of two letters forming a single whole,
>e.g. "th" in English, "gn" in French. And
>"trigraphs", e.g. German "sch". 

   In other words, groups of glyphs that denote a single phoneme.  Babs said that this is how epigraphers use the digraph.  Of course, a cryptologist means simply a sequence of two characters. 

> Now what would
>you call all the rest, those composed of only
>ONE letter? Monographs?

   Well, is a whole note a monotone?  ;-)


... "Blessent mon coeur d'une langueur monotone."

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