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PIE *mn. (was Re: VMs: Stroke harmony. ...)

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> In Greek it is -mat-, from PIE -mn, with syllabic n. The Latin ending is -men,
> -minis; the Russian is -mya, -myena; and the Sanskrit is -man. Some of them
> are masculine; Latin flamen (cognate to Sanskrit brahman) comes to mind, but
> there's another one that escapes me.

If I recall, PIE *-mn.- (using n. for syllabic n) would come out -ma- in
Greek, so perhaps Greek has -mn.-t-?  Unfortunately, I'm not sure what
happens to final -t- or -t-s in Latin, Slavic, or Sanskit in this context.

Having done a little reading this evening in various references, I have
located a small list of -ma(ta) Greek forms and -men or -mV ~ -men Latin
or Greek forms, but I wonder if the one you are thinking of, given the
flamen example, might be flumen?  Not actually listed in the lists I saw.
Another classical example of an *-en stem, though perhaps not of your
formant is Latin homo ~ hominis.

I'm having fun, but perhaps we're wandering a bit off topic?
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