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Re: VMs: Testing Dr. Rugg's hoax theory

6/09/2004 10:39:03 AM, Luis Velez <luis.velez@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>The difficulty in achieving this result appears to be the main argument 
>against Dr. Rugg's theory of a probable hoax using grills, as 
>previously pointed out by Landini, Stolfi, Zandbergen and others.

Sure, but the grill is a red herring.

Anyone armed with Jorge Stolfi's analysis of the 
Chinese-like structure of Voynichese can generate 
Voynichoid text fluently, as fast as he can write. 
Does that make the MS a hoax?

Let us say it does.

So then, anyone --ditto-- can generate Chinese-sounding
stuff just as fluently. Does that make Chinese a hoax,

This is not even worthy of being called a "fallacy",
it is just an astounding lack of the most elementary
logic--rub a rock with steak juice, and I'd say
even the most stupid dog won't eat it. If a hoax 
there is, it is Rugg's article.

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