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VMs: Testing Dr. Rugg's hoax theory

Hello Scott,

I read your interesting paper on your three experimental approaches to verify/discard the Voynich's nature as a human language, and wondered if you would have an opinion on Dr. Gordon Rugg's position (his article in Scientific American, July 1994) that you would to like to contribute to the vms-list (the e-list studying the Voynich)?

Do you feel it would be possible for anyone using the Cardan Grill to purposefully come up with results that would match not only the Voynich's relatively consistent appearance, but also its particular profile regarding Zipf's law and Enthropy/Cross Enthropy levels? If so, what best method do you feel could be used to calculate and develop such product in writing, prior to the construction of the grills?

The difficulty in achieving this result appears to be the main argument against Dr. Rugg's theory of a probable hoax using grills, as previously pointed out by Landini, Stolfi, Zandbergen and others.

Many thanks in advance,

Luis Velez

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