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RE: VMs: Wired Rugg...

From: Nick Pelling <nickpelling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Text of Gordon Rugg's Wired article (link courtesy of GC):-

It is plain that the site www.rense.com is not to be taken seriously but at the foot of the page is a link


to what looks like a fuller version of the article.

For the record, since I seem to be the only list member mentioned in the article, the words attributed to me are accurately quoted from an email from me to Joseph d'Agnese. (The flattering characterisation of me is not a quotation.) However, that email consisted of seven paragraphs of considerations counting for and against the Rugg theory. It ended:

"In summary, Rugg's paper is a well argued, knowledgeable piece of work which may well be the answer to the puzzle, but it is not quite conclusive and may not be the last word on the matter."

I have made it clear to Gordon Rugg that I endorse his theory only in the sense that I think it is logically possible and I hope that this is clear to list members as well.

Philip Neal

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