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Re: VMs: Wired Rugg...

3/09/2004 2:06:00 PM, Nick Pelling <nickpelling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Text of Gordon Rugg's Wired article (link courtesy of GC):-
>	http://www.rense.com/general57/theman.htm

Oh, Rense! Of course. The fellow has built up a formidable
reputation. Just go to plain http://www.rense.com and 
scroll down a bit:

The Flying Triangle Enigma
Mysterious UFO Reappears (The Return of The Thing)
911 Was Stages to Defame Muslims
The Ultimate Open Letter To Mel Gibson
The Pentagon Boeing--Still Missing

And that's only the beginning. Keep scrolling
down, down, down.

Perhaps we should congratulate Scientific
American for finding itself in such good

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