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Re: VMs: Testing Dr. Rugg's hoax theory

7/09/2004 3:02:40 PM, "Larry Roux" <LRoux@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>When he can replicate whole blocks of text - then I will
>stand up and take notice.

You can replicate whole blocks of text using MONKEY. Just
set it to word entropy and pick 3rd or 4th order entropy.

>In the meantime he is being credited with finding something that we all
>knew a long time ago - The Voy lexicon seems to include
>prefixes/midfixes and suffixes.  Big whoop.

Rugg is a fraud. We know that. The editors of Scientific
American are imbeciles. We are starting to discover that.
(I knew it since they published an article on Loglan)

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