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Re: VMs: A Possible Interpretation of the Four Figures, one with an Egg


It's nice to have you on the list.

For similar drawings in the VMS, please look at the
images on folio 85r2 and 86v4. One set of four,
probably male, figures around the sun. One set of
four, probably female, figures around the moon. Lots
of objects being held - eggs, cups, bowls, wheat or
straw, flower, chain, cane, etc. (all up for debate).
One female figure points away from the viewer. Raw
images and some clean up I have done are at:


While these don't have the rings of letters around
them like f57v, they are surrounded by copy and have
possibly richer content in their illustration. In any
case, they are the most similar diagrams to the
figures on f57v.

I've been doing some research into them, but have come
up with nothing definitive. It is interesting, IMHO,

- the male figures go with the sun, the female with
the moon. that's pretty standard fare (but i'm happy
to see anything that looks like standard fare in the
- the "rooster tail" pattern with the men and the "hen
feather" / water wave pattern with the female is also
pretty standard. yea, i'm slightly reaching it here,
but i think it is worth considering.
- the whole Quire 14 acts as a self-contained booklet.
it looks as though, IMHO, it was written on its own.
obviously as related material to the VMS, but it folds
up and out in a way to be self-contained.
- and, of course, Quire 14 holds the famous rosette's,
which are probably related directly to the content on
the other pages of Quire 14

Any help and insight into these pages would be greatly


--- Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> A Suggested Interpretation of the Four Figures and
> the
> Egg

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