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Re: VMs: A Possible Interpretation of the Four Figures, one with an Egg

Hi, Eric

It's very nice to be here, thank you.

I managed to get to my computer rather late and found
your questions.  I couldn't resist looking at the
images you posted.

And now I'm thinking really hard.  I hope in a sense
that my first impression is wrong, because if it's
right, it means a whole lot of work and it looks like
a rather large headache in store.

First, the presence of these eight figures, four male
and four female, suggests that the Orphic theogony is
going to be further emphasized.

Second, if we may make the assumption that these
figures represent the eight gods of Orpheus (Fire,
Water, Sun, Moon, Heaven, Earth, Phanes and Night) who
have been introduced in the illustration previously
discussed, they have a further role to play in this

Third, if someone wanted to develop a house system
based on divisions of 360 by eight, he would need to
choose eight entities to assign rulership of these
houses to.  This is a technical detail of how
traditional astrology works, but it may be an
important one.

Fourth, if someone wanted to deeply encrypt material
on astrology, he would be well advised to devise and
implement his own division of the 360 degrees of a
circle which did not correspond to the twelve signs of
the Zodiac.  

Fifth, if he wanted to give any clues as to how to
solve these astrological cyphers, he would be
well-advised to provide a key like a conversion chart
of the 360 degrees into divisions by eight and twelve.

So, taken in the context of other symbols found in the
VMs, these illustrations could mean that astrolgical
material is difficult to unearth in the VMs because it
is translated into increments not familiar in Western

Well, thanks for stimulating my thinking.  Smile.  I
only hope I can sleep now without having nightmares.

Sigh.  No one said it would be simple.



--- Eric <mynumberis2000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Pamela:
> It's nice to have you on the list.
> For similar drawings in the VMS, please look at the
> images on folio 85r2 and 86v4. One set of four,
> probably male, figures around the sun. One set of
> four, probably female, figures around the moon. Lots
> of objects being held - eggs, cups, bowls, wheat or
> straw, flower, chain, cane, etc. (all up for
> debate).
> One female figure points away from the viewer. Raw
> images and some clean up I have done are at:
> http://www.rebelconcept.com/voynich/male_female.htm
> While these don't have the rings of letters around
> them like f57v, they are surrounded by copy and have
> possibly richer content in their illustration. In
> any
> case, they are the most similar diagrams to the
> figures on f57v.
> I've been doing some research into them, but have
> come
> up with nothing definitive. It is interesting, IMHO,
> that:
> - the male figures go with the sun, the female with
> the moon. that's pretty standard fare (but i'm happy
> to see anything that looks like standard fare in the
> VMS).
> - the "rooster tail" pattern with the men and the
> "hen
> feather" / water wave pattern with the female is
> also
> pretty standard. yea, i'm slightly reaching it here,
> but i think it is worth considering.
> - the whole Quire 14 acts as a self-contained
> booklet.
> it looks as though, IMHO, it was written on its own.
> obviously as related material to the VMS, but it
> folds
> up and out in a way to be self-contained.
> - and, of course, Quire 14 holds the famous
> rosette's,
> which are probably related directly to the content
> on
> the other pages of Quire 14
> Any help and insight into these pages would be
> greatly
> appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Eric
> --- Pamela Richards <spirlhelix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > A Suggested Interpretation of the Four Figures and
> > the
> > Egg
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