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RE: VMs: truncated repeating sequences

Title: RE: VMs: truncated repeating sequences
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From: Marke Fincher [mailto:markefincher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 09 September 2004 10:05
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Subject: RE: VMs: truncated repeating sequences

> I'm not sure, but couldn't this kind of effect result from text generated by some kind of  
> Markov process? Where after writing each character (or character pair, or whatever)  
> you then have a limited choice of permitted following characters.  
I have wondered about this sort of thing before,  but even with a very limited
choice at each point (say only 2), the chances of repeating chains of these
lengths would still be way too small....
Good point, if the decision is in fact random. In which case, a scheme where the probability of a particular transition was determined by some plaintext would be more likely to produce repeating chains, due to the spelling rules of the underlying language.