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RE: VMs: truncated repeating sequences

> Also, the truncated sequences seem to appear with widely differing
> Shouldn't they be more equally distributed ....

Well, the longer subsequences are fairly well balanced.  The shorter ones
have higher frequencies because they can be produced from more than one
"master" sequence.


seq0 07466:a
seq0 02408:ai
seq0 00333:aii
seq0 00030:aiin
seq0 03220:aiin.
seq0 00082:aiin.s
seq0 00184:aiin.sh
seq0 00165:aiin.she
seq0 00009:aiin.shed
seq0 00024:aiin.shedy.
seq0 00006:aiin.shedy.qo
seq0 00002:aiin.shedy.qok
seq0 00005:aiin.shedy.qoke
seq0 00001:aiin.shedy.qokeedy.
seq0 00002:aiin.shedy.qokeedy.qo
seq0 00001:aiin.shedy.qokeedy.qote
seq0 00001:      hedy.qokeedy.qotedy.qo
seq0 00001:             keedy.qotedy.qo
seq0 00011:               edy.qotedy.qo
seq0 00003:                dy.qotedy.qo
seq0 00008:                 y.qotedy.qo
seq0 00005:                  .qotedy.qo
seq0 00043:                    otedy.qo
seq0 00011:                     tedy.qo
seq0 01388:                      edy.qo
seq0 00516:                       dy.qo
seq0 01589:                        y.qo
seq0 01613:                         .qo
seq0 00035:                          qo
seq0 19453:                           o

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