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RE: VMs: truncated repeating sequences

A Markov chain system that is driven by the next plaintext 
character is really just a polyalphabetical cypher where 
the "state" of what just happened determines which alphabet 
to use next.   And that means that to get these sort of 
repeated subsequences in the coded text a similar pattern 
would have to exist in the plaintext.

> Did anybody run a comparable test on plaintext language, 
> to see if the "truncated sequences" pattern would show up 
> there as well?

Are you saying that you might expect a set of repeating strings
like below to occur in a 'sensible' english text???

le t 
le te 
le tes 
le test o 
le test on 
le test on  
le test on p 
le test on pla 
le test on plain 
le test on plaint 
le test on plaintex 
le test on plaintext 
le test on plaintext l 
le test on plaintext lang
   test on plaintext lang
    est on plaintext lang
     st on plaintext lang
        on plaintext lang
        on plaintext lang
           plaintext lang
            laintext lang
               ntext lang
                 ext lang

You can call me presumptuous or dogmatic but I say that 
they don't.  :->


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