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VMs: Perhaps a quick test?, was truncated repeating sequences

Zitat von Marke Fincher <markefincher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> > Also, the truncated sequences seem to appear with widely differing
> frequencies.
> > Shouldn't they be more equally distributed ....
> Well, the longer subsequences are fairly well balanced.  The shorter ones
> may
> have higher frequencies because they can be produced from more than one
> "master" sequence.
> Marke

So, if I understand correctly the assumption is that there is a "simplistic" 
cardan grille with only one rectangular window, x characters wide, y characters 
high. Underneath the window there is a "code table" of n columns, m rows which 
is filled with more or less random characters -- the "master sequences".

The window is placed (randomly) somewhere on the code table, and then all x * y 
characters visible are copied onto the VM. (I'll call this a "batch".) Then, 
the window is shifted to another arbitrary position, and the copying is 

Is that correct?

Now let's assume the window is shifted a single column between batches. That 
would create a batch with y sequences, each (x-2) characters long, which are 
identical to the previous batch, and 2 different characters each between.

Furthermore, if the window is shifted up or down a single row, then we would 
assume to find identical strings of x * (y-2) length. A shift of two rows would 
yield x * (y-4) length identical strings etc.

So, perhaps a quick run over the text, searching for very long identical 
strings, could substantiate the hypothesis, and give us first hints for x and 
y, which would make further statistical research easier.

Could you run such a beast, Marke?

Just a thought,


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