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VMs: RE: Perhaps a quick test?, was truncated repeating sequences

> So, if I understand correctly the assumption is that 
> there is a "simplistic" cardan grille with only one 
> rectangular window, x characters wide, y characters high. 
> Underneath the window there is a "code table" of n columns,
> m rows which is filled with more or less random characters 
> -- the "master sequences".

Not quite.   I imagine the underlying text is a number of lines,
possibly of different lengths, each line constructed at the whim 
of the author, but none-the-less trying to look like a meaningful 
sentence or phrase. 
(one line might be "aiin.shedy.qokeedy.qotedy.qo" for example)

The "grille" would have a single rectangular window 1 char high 
and perhaps 10 to 16 chars wide (maybe there are a number of 
different grilles).  I would expect that the grille is moved 
randomly about the page, and I believe it is not constrained to
be wholly within the text but is allowed to overlap the edges.


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