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Re: VMs: deeper investigation on truncated repeating seqs.

In the previous I missed "Conclusions"


1) text in English language (every langauge-grammar?) produces "Marke Fincher sequences"

2) assuming the same N (length of the starting string) and MAXHOLE (number of missing subsequences
allowed) in VM can be found much more "Marke Fincher sequences" than in the text used for
comparison ("holy bible").
( for N=16, MAXHOLE=8 VM produced more than a hundred sequences, HOLYBIBLE only 4 sequences )

I trivial conclusion is that if VM is not a hoax the equivalent of a char in Voynichese is a sequence of 2 or more symbols (space included).

Before any other considerations/conclusions I would like to investigate more on uniquesness of
sequences (the 'replace with @' rule on the algorithm I used above seems to deal with a higher "capability
of the VM in generating new unique sequences of characters").


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