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Re: VMs: deeper investigation on truncated repeating seqs.

10/09/2004 4:40:08 PM, Marzio De Biasi <voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I trivial conclusion is that if VM is not a hoax the equivalent of a char 
>in Voynichese is a sequence of 2 or more symbols (space included).

Well, EVA <in>, <iin> and <ee> are almost certainly single letters. 
And also <c*h> <s*h> (* representing an optional gallows).

There are some other possibilities worth testing. 

First, languages with repetitive patterns, such as Indonesian. If I
were to address a group of university students in Indonesian, I'd
like to start: "Mahasiswa-mahasiswa, mahasiswi-mahasiswi" (literally:
male students, female students, sounds silly in English. In French:
"Etudiants, étudiantes")

Second, "Stolfi-type" languages (read: Chinese-like)

Third, yes, writing system where one character is a sequence of
2 or more symbols. Such as English (th, ng, sh, ch), German
(sch), Breton (c'h, ch, gn, ng), well, even Italian (gn, sci,
ch, gh, gli). In fact, this is easy to simulate. Take a text in
any language, and replace a number of characters with digraphs
and trigraphs

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