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Re: VMs: deeper investigation on truncated repeating seqs.

On Sat, 11 Sep 2004, Jacques Guy wrote:
> >I trivial conclusion is that if VM is not a hoax the equivalent of a char
> >in Voynichese is a sequence of 2 or more symbols (space included).
> Well, EVA <in>, <iin> and <ee> are almost certainly single letters.
> And also <c*h> <s*h> (* representing an optional gallows).
> ...
> Third, yes, writing system where one character is a sequence of
> 2 or more symbols. Such as English (th, ng, sh, ch), ...

True, but it looks like nearly everything in Voynich script is a
"polygraph," either relative to the EVA analysis or explicitly within it.
The use of repeated instances of simpler graphs to produce larger entities
is what produces the "Roman Numeral" effect.  Or maybe we should say the
"Ogham" effect.  Mind you this is largely intuitive on my part.  I don't
have anything I would argue is a proof of it.  And of course the intution
isn't original with me.  It's been recurring from the first days of

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