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Re: VMs: cathars?

Hi Nick and Christine,
Courtesy of Jacques and Jorge, here is Jacques Guy's relevant paper:
Here is an other version:
Hélas, I think that Levitov is wrong. His "translation" for instance has hardly something to do with the Parfaits. Otherwise if you are interested in Catharism, Christine, here are some true texts:

Nick Pelling <nickpelling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Christine,

At 19:00 11/09/2004 -0400, Christine wrote:
>I came across this message from 1996 on an alchemy list at
>From: Tom Hennessy
> >I am wondering if anyone knows a little about the Voynich Manuscript? A
> >man named Levitov seemed to have come up with a 'cypher' for the work but I
> >have not been able to find this translation. Did he ever completely finish
> >the translation or did he just solve the cypher?
> >It is supposed to be a Cathar manuscript called the 'Endura'.
>Has anything further been uncovered regarding the VMs and the Cathars?

Dennis Stallings' (1998) debunking of Levitov's claim is fairly comprehensive:-

Also: I'm not sure if Jacques Guy's "On L! evitov's Decipherment of the
Voynich Manuscript" paper is on the web anywhere - the rand site (which was
hosting it) was taken down a long time ago & the file's not in the Wayback
Machine. :-(

AFAIK, no-one is actively promoting a VMs-Cathar link ATM, probably due to
lack of any supporting evidence - while it's a hopelessly romantic idea,
it's also probably a hopeless idea as well (sadly). Oh well. :-p

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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