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Re: VMs: text analysis, art of memory, book binding

Zitat von Eric <mynumberis2000@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Thanks - I followed some of the earlier threads
> through the archives on that topic, but what I was
> actually asking was suggestions on how to bind the one
> I am making (not on having one made).

IIRC, what you do is in a nutshell: Get yourself (hard) covers for front and 
back, poke a few holes near what is supposed to become the rear end, and have 
strings running back and forth between the covers. You can connect with the 
quires in two ways:

a) You can weave the strings through the thread which hold the quires together, 
thereby binding the quires to the strings and the book as a whole, or

b) You weave the strings between the covers, and then tie the quires seperately 
to those strings.

I did it once years ago, and it went surprisingly well.


   Elmar, unbound

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