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VMs: Number crunching the Fincher window

Cheers all,

Being intrigued by Marke's idea, I did a bit of number crunching.

Especially, I wanted to find out how many different sequences there were in the text for various sequence lengths. So I took excerpts from the VM transcript, removed line breaks (I left spaces in there), and had the numbers of different sequences counted. I also performed a control with a German text of similar length (32764 chars both times).

Here's what I got -- number of different sequences for different sequence lengths:

Length   VM        German
4        4389        9435
5        8773       14949
6       14087       19623
7       19432       23443
8       23934       26264
9       27263       28237
10      29527       29609
11      30954       30543
12      31783       31187
13      32249       31651
14      32491       31964
15      32612       32190
16      32674       32346

(Note that this was a character-for-character examination.)

We seem to see that natural languages have a larger variety of short sequences. At the same time, for longer sequences, the VM gets more varied, until at a sequence length of 16, there were only 90 instances of phrases of 16 or more characters, which got repeated. (In German, we still had some 400 duplicates.)

(I don't really trust my little program on this one -- can anyone confirm or deny?)

This seems to me to point to the hoax theory. If we assume a Fincher window of less than 16 chars width, that would be what we'd expect -- Correlation drops drastically as soon as the window width is reached. I had hoped though for a more pronounced "drop" at the actual window length.

Or am I completely on the wrong track?


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