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RE: VMs: Number crunching the Fincher window

One important feature of the rectangular window and the way that
it constructs words is that each word in the VMs text is either

(a) a word in a master sequence, as-is  
(b) a joining of the beginning of one master sequence word, with
    the ending of another master sequence word.

This is important because whilst the middle of words in the VMs
text could be generated from any part of a word in a master 
sequence, the beginning of words in the text are taken from the
beginning of a word in a master sequence, and the endings of words
in the VMs originate from the ending of a word in a master sequence.

Hence the differing characteristics of word beginnings and endings
as observed in the text. (assuming....


P.S.  I may talk like I've totally made up my mind at times, but
that's just to cut out the number of 'maybe' 'perhaps', and 
'assuming ...'

P.P.S  No one should accept anything unequivocally!  I'm just raking
up the dirt.

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