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RE: VMs: Number crunching the Fincher window

Zitat von Marke Fincher <markefincher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> One important feature of the rectangular window and the way that
> it constructs words is that each word in the VMs text is either
> (a) a word in a master sequence, as-is  
>  OR
> (b) a joining of the beginning of one master sequence word, with
>     the ending of another master sequence word.

Hm. Disallowing batch breaks in the middle of a word (which is what you 
suggest, IIUC) would make it more tedious for the author to compose the VM, 
with little obvious benefit.

Besides, I had been under the impression that allowing the word breaks would 
account for the more subtle breaking of some rules in the VM which are 
_commonly_ true, but not always... do I err?

> ...
> P.P.S  No one should accept anything unequivocally! 

I beg to differ. ;-)


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