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Re: AW: AW: VMs: Number crunching the Fincher window

Zitat von "Anders, Claus" <Claus.Anders@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> What I mean is:
> Take for example this sequence of chars:aiin.shedy.qokeedy.qotedy.qo
> Next step:color all chars of the VMS, which consist chars of the above
> sequence (or part of) and look at all the pages.You can do that with word
> quit effordlessly.

I see. But what would the results tell me?

I mean, that procedure is cool once I have a preliminary master sequence, but 
what do I do as long as I have no idea which the master sequences are? How do I 
tell if I'd rather highlight "aiin.shedy" or "shedy.qokeedy"?

   Elmar, a bit puzzled

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