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Re: Re: VMs: voynich dice game ... sunday thoughts

At 19.30 14/09/04, you wrote:
13/09/2004 9:39:51 PM, Marzio De Biasi <voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>spaces are not randomly inserted over a plain unencoded text (or over a
>text encoded with a "space unaware" schema):

>if they were inserted randomly the frequencies distributions of these sets:

>A={the characters in VM}, B = {the first characters of each word}, C = {the
>last characters of each word}

>should be almost the same ... but they are completely different. CVD

Possibly. It seems rational enough. But wait... what of Arabic?
Spaces are not inserted at word breaks, but are the effect of some
letters being able to connect to the next, or to the previous, and
some not being able to. The same Arabic text, in Roman spelling
(as Maltese, an Arabic dialect, is spelt) have spaces between words.
By "Arabic" here, I also mean any writing system where some letters
connect and some not, forcing the use of spaces inside words.

Space insertion in such systems is not random, but it tells us
nothing about what constitutes a word.

I agree with you 100%,
But my poor and UNUSEFUL theorem tells only that:
IF one is convinced that spaces ARE inserted randomly on an existing text (like I was a few days ago :-) THEN, when he removes 'em, he must deal with a piece of text that cannot be a simple unencoded text or a text encoded with a "space unaware" schema.
My theorem really says nothing in favour of random/unrandom spaces in VM.

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