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Re: VMs: Number crunching the Fincher window

Koontz John E wrote:
On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, Elmar Vogt wrote:
16 32674 32346

We seem to see that natural languages have a larger variety of short
sequences. At the same time, for longer sequences, the VM gets more varied,
until at a sequence length of 16, there were only 90 instances of phrases of
16 or more characters, which got repeated. (In German, we still had some 400

Pardon my denseness, but I don't see how we got from the preceding table
to the numbers in the text?

The total text length was 32755 chars (I hope I didn't forget to post that as well?), hence a total of 32739 sequences of 16 consecutive chars can be formed. (Of course, they're overlapping.) Indeed, it should be "70" rather than "90".



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