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Re: VMs: Unusual gallows

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> There are a couple of similar letters in the VMS. One is on page 80r, and is
> transcribed "cthcth", though there is a single "t" each of whose legs is on
> one "ch". The other is I forget where, and is a "p" or "k" (IIRR) which then
> does a few loops and ends up on top of a letter in the next word.

Yes.  Some of these are in D'Imperio's Figure 20, though I don't know if
her list is exhaustive.  Since she calls it "Some embellished and variant
forms of Voynich symbols" I would assume not.  She doesn't indicate the
page or line source for any of the forms.  She includes the "Red Weirdoes"
from f1r in this list, but most of the forms are (a) gallows that embed
sequences of other characters between connected stems, or (b) gallows with
elaborated flourish elements (flourishes on flourishes), or (c) both.  A
few are simply (d) larger or heavier or internally ornamented gallows.
One set is a list of "benches" (all sh forms) with variant s-flourishes.

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