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Re: VMs: Fw: Edward Kelley and the VMS

Jacques Guy wrote:
15/07/2004 8:04:00 PM, "Jan" <hurychj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is there any hard evidence connecting the VM to Kelly or at least his offering any manuscript to Rudolph?

None. Dee and Kelly just happened to have been in Prague at about the time the Voynich might have been, in someone's library.

No disagreement here. There's no hard evidence linking Kelly to the VMs.

As I wrote in my review of Kennedy's book, Pontius Pilatus misht as well be thought the author of the Gospels because
he happened to be in the right place at about the right time.

This goes too far the other way, though: if you're looking for likely suspects there are a few little things that raise one's eyebrow when looking toward Kelly and Dee, including Kelly's penchant for producing fraudulent documents, Kelly's flogging fake alchemical processes to Rudolf, the Bacon connection, and approximately the right number of ducats showing up in Dee's diary. I seem to recall that a Dee expert claims to have identified the penmanship of the VMs page numbers as Dee's... i.e. Dee's digits did the digits. I don't know if that's more generally accepted than any other finding about the manuscript, of course.

[I'll be embarrassed later when I find I've botched half of
the above paragraph, which came from my aging memory...]

But yes, bottom line is that there's nothing concrete linking
either of them to the manuscript.
	Jim Gillogly
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