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Re: Re: VMs: Fw: Edward Kelley and the VMS

Hello Rene,  

======= At 2004-09-16, 00:51:00 you wrote: =======
>It is said about him but this is legendary. Anyway,
>since I don't particularly believe in his chanelling
>information from angels, I would agree that he was
>involved in 'fooling' people.

Right, but he also wrote serious book(s) - why would he then use gibberish instead of 
scientific lookalike text? As I said, if he tried to use it for supporting his claim 
he can make gold, in some time he would have to show he can read it and reveal some
plaintext. It would be difficult to crack the gibberish. 

>Altogehter, he got millions from Rosenberg (I
>can't quite remember which one of the two
>brothers or in which denomination :-( ).

It was Wilhelm - he didn't care about Dee's angels, but he needed Kelly's gold. 
When he died he left his brother Peter Vok tremendous debt. That's why Rosenbergs  sold Prague
palace (the same where  Tycho de Brahe  got his pain attack before he died).

Interestingly enough, it looks like Kelly really believed in his red powder - when he run out of it, he was arrested by Rudolph who thought he is playiung "hard to get". There  is a scenario: red powder was some compound  of gold which during the experiment gold plated the lead so the casted ingot looked like gold. Apparently the sample was observed by vitnesses only visually and it looked OK. Before the test, Kelly exchanged it with real golden ingot by sleight of hand - and it passed the test.
Now there is one compound of gold, which is red, but it does not do the trick. Also, some gold (or compound) is added to glass to make it rubin red. Kelly apparently did not know how to make his red powder (contrary to what he claimed) so he tried to escape from prison and the rest is the history.
The possible point is that Kelly was cheating, but with the hope he can once make the real gold.

>While I tend to agree with Rafal, I don't know
>how I could convince anyone that Watson (the
>name of the expert) was wrong?

The trouble is that if fits too well to the fame that he sold the VM to Rudolph, which preceded Watson statement. What "penmaship he had in mind? The handwriting or the literary style? As for handwriting, we cannot even prove the numbering of pages was done by Dee.

But then again, the only numbers in the VM text (folio f49v) do look like very similar to those used for page numbering, see  pictures at  http://hurontaria.baf.cz/VM/b32.htm   Vice verso,  if Dee wrote the numbering, he could have written  the VM as well.  Elementary, dear  Watson :-).


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