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Re: VMs: voynich dice game ... sunday thoughts

 From: Koontz John E <John.Koontz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
 On Sun, 12 Sep 2004, Pierre Abbat wrote:
 > On Sunday 12 September 2004 10:22, Marzio De Biasi wrote:
 > > Is there an alphabet where this assumption is true (i.e. every symbol is
 > > mapped to a different char)?
 > > Where can I found such transcription?
 > > I'll repeat the tests on it as soon as I got it!
 > We don't know. The main puzzle is combinations such as "cth" where one
 > letter is stuck in the middle of what may be a single other letter. Then
 > there's "sh" which looks like "ch" with a diacritic. Most writing
 > systems don't put one diacritic on two letters, but most writing systems
 > don't put one letter in the middle of another, so we don't know whether
 > "ch" is one letter or two.
 I think it's a bit more complex than that.  You have to consider the
 following possibilities:
 - The gallows characters are open to similar interpretations in terms of a
 two basic staffs with two distinct flourishes, leading to the four
 possibilities observed.

*Yes* Yes *Yes*

OK, Okok you hold your breathe while the nebie/oldbe 'self procl;aimed 
1 of 12 raises his hand in your'4' thoughts.

2 (TWO) STAFFS (of the upwarding formed column)form their 'pointer 
position(s) [which is just ###,#@#,###]

all the while

2 [(TWO) OTHER (different staffs)c_gallow_c] form ANOTHER 'seeming 
combination! [@@@,@#@,@@@]

I ASK SIMPLY SIR,: 'Cannot the two (2) be cloved into ONE?'

best to you & yours

while 1 sunflower seed makes 4 (splet/spito/consumed~)

steve (what 2 make 1??) ekwall :-)

p.s. 0=[done/deal] is the action/answer we seek in the vms

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