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Re: VMs: One simple question

In message <200409181257.i8ICva3q002446@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Jorge
Stolfi <stolfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
> [....]
>We cannot assume that the VMS used all possible words of Voynichese,
>not even those which would be fairly common in other contexts. For
>instance, H.G.Well's "War of the Worlds" has about a hundred
>occurrences of "brother", but not a single one of "brothers".

A nit-picking response, but...

I think we should be aware of the difference between versions of our
source text.

At a rough glance through my copy of "The War of the Worlds" which is
undated but looks to be from about 1905 or thereabouts, it includes at
least two instances of "brothers" in the plural...

Whose is the definitive test, and whose contains the typos?




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