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VMs: I'm new


   My name is Jose Rodriguez. In the first place, I
want to apologize for my english, because it's not my

   Well, I am new in this list, nevertheless I have
been interested and I have been studying the Voynich
MS during a year. In this time I have been reading the
commentaries of this list, but I have not entered
before because I thought that I could not contribute
with nothing new, but now I have changed of idea and I
believe that any contribution can be useful.  

   During this time I have made a series of small
applications to study properties of voinichese and how
would be made by this properties (I think that it
isn't a hoax). In a next mail I will show some of my
results (I must pass them to txt). You don't wait for
great things, but I believe that some information can
be useful.  

   Regards for all the contributors of this list, in
which I'm very excited to belong. ;)

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