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VMs: Back from Prague

Dear all,

A brief 'report' on what happened during my trip to
Prague. It's still a great town, beautiful sights, 
affordable beer and food. I attended a meeting
of historians of astronomy, where I also presented
a poster of the history of the VMs (after all it
has astronomical drawings). The text of the 
poster (with some pictures) will be published
in the proceedings of the meeting, a journal
of Charles University (i.e. not Wired, let alone
SciAm :-)

I met quite a few people who became interested
in it and there is a chance that this will further
stimulate professional interest in the MS.

I also wanted to look at a promising MS by Dobrzenski,
about alchemy, written shortly after Marci's death
but it turned out that it  is actually lost, since
50 or so years. 
But there's also some good news.
>From the eminent historian Dr.Smolka
I got some more information about Baresch. In short:
Georgius Barschius (Sincovienis Boem.) received his
Baccalaureate from the Clementinum in 1602 and his
doctorate in 1603.  Sincoviensis means that he
was born in Zinkovy (Z-hacek), which is near Pilsen.
Many implications and a good chance to find
out more still. I am still in contact with Dr.Smolka.

The next day, in the Strahov library, I more or less
stumbled upon a book in the  catalogue that was
signed on f1r as follows: "Jacobi Sinapij anno 1602
inscriptus N.18".
Digital pictures have been taken of this
page and as soon as I receive them I will show them
on the web. It's a clear signature, rather similar to
VMs one.

Cheers, Rene

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