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VMs: Re: Back from Prague

What wonder information you have uncovered. It seems that the info relating 
to Georgius Bareschius will help us narrow the search.

Zinkovy appears to be a quaint village with a wonderful old castle for sale. 
I wonder if Baresch might at one time been somehow been connected to this 

Zinkovy (map):

Want to buy a castle?

Dana Scott

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> Dear all,
> A brief 'report' on what happened during my trip to
> Prague. It's still a great town, beautiful sights,
> affordable beer and food. I attended a meeting
> of historians of astronomy, where I also presented
> a poster of the history of the VMs (after all it
> has astronomical drawings). The text of the
> poster (with some pictures) will be published
> in the proceedings of the meeting, a journal
> of Charles University (i.e. not Wired, let alone
> SciAm :-)
> I met quite a few people who became interested
> in it and there is a chance that this will further
> stimulate professional interest in the MS.
> I also wanted to look at a promising MS by Dobrzenski,
> about alchemy, written shortly after Marci's death
> but it turned out that it  is actually lost, since
> about
> 50 or so years.
> But there's also some good news.
> From the eminent historian Dr.Smolka
> I got some more information about Baresch. In short:
> Georgius Barschius (Sincovienis Boem.) received his
> Baccalaureate from the Clementinum in 1602 and his
> doctorate in 1603.  Sincoviensis means that he
> was born in Zinkovy (Z-hacek), which is near Pilsen.
> Many implications and a good chance to find
> out more still. I am still in contact with Dr.Smolka.
> The next day, in the Strahov library, I more or less
> stumbled upon a book in the  catalogue that was
> signed on f1r as follows: "Jacobi Sinapij anno 1602
> inscriptus N.18".
> Digital pictures have been taken of this
> page and as soon as I receive them I will show them
> on the web. It's a clear signature, rather similar to
> the
> VMs one.
> Cheers, Rene
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