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Re: VMs: Ways to generate voynichese-like text


 Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 06:02:54 +1000
 From: Jacques Guy <jguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: VMs: Ways to generate voynichese-like text
 15/09/2004 10:31:52 PM, "Marianna Ridderstad" <marianna.ridderstad@xxxxxxxxx> 
 >There are four tables, because there are 4 gallows.
 All right, but what about split gallows?
# #

"Split Gallows" can be 

1) ERROR CORRECTer(ed) <here> 
   as in KEY POINTER (present/ non-mirrored KEY)  
   when one codes this by hand, THIS (above)makes a lot of sense!)
   IT ~flows~ from the tip of your quill. (nib?)
   Allows for fluid _continuation_.. (plus many fancy ones) :-)
or / AND


2) c_Gallows <-"_c" allow spliting of KEY 8 more times
, because _there are only 4 gallows_ (gallows ponting to YEK (table) 
etc.. (YEK = (mIRrOreD) = KEY) 

Simply folded on one piece of paper you get:
(p.s. - easily memorized)

# *

# *

# *

* *


[the OTHER 4  (8 total) are just the Mirror of the above]
[just learn the 3124 placements / then mirror ALL].




(see the 4? (see the mirror(ed) now 4 equals 8?)
don't just think/draw a bunch of TTT's (#)etc. (Fold your key/CHARS)
The ~Flow~ and SHAPE of the individual _CHARS_ (character) begins to 
make more and more and More & MORE sense to its code FlOwInG 
Technique (structure).


each AREA within a TTT (tic tac toe area)holds a STATIC character. 
each mirrored AREA within a TTT is different, but STATIC too!

ES 'said' (no, just ES):-{
ES "indicated": it's MOST IMPORTANT to retain WHERE YOU ARE 'AT' on 
the KEY (tables) as once you lost your way you are lost forever and 
have to go back to at least the top of the page.. (if not the 
beginning of the 'paragraph' (50/50 here) 

one ~cool~ note, is I think ES means each page is stand alone (as is 
each character). Each Gallows is stand alone too! (simple IF you 
remember which side of the MiRrOrKeY you are on at the time)


best to you & yours :-)
steve (each gallows requires action/reaction(s)) ekwall

see the mirror, see the mirror, see the mirror

p.s. to the newbies, it's quit all right to say that steve is a 
idiot, but the ES spirit might have a track on something here :-)

don't shot the mess*nger

p.s.s. LONG S P L I T gallows can even contain a WHOLE NEW KEY !
       (that is EVER area of every ### is new)if 8 chars are there)

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