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Re: VMs: An improved version of the voynichese-coding


 > I assume we don't really need a table-label or gallows in every word,
 > though you did this in the edvard kelley example.  A table-label can hold
 > across words.  In fact, it holds until a new one crops up.
 Yes, this is what I mean.
 > I can see some problems with this scheme in terms of producing Voynichese.
 > - I think, on further consideration, and in spite of my earlier
 > suggestion, it wouldn't make any sense to see embedding or split gallows
 > (gallows with other characters embedded within them) as distributing a
 > table marker across a section of encodings, because the relevant zone of
 > application of a gallows table-label follows it, and even a split gallows
 > has a following region.  So what is the internal region?
 This split gallows thing has to be considered; actually, for now I just take
 them as
 'red herrings'. Or, maybe there are 8 tables :-))

4+(mirrored 4 more) = EIGHT :-))

 Actually, I originally started to consider the question: why do VMs letters
 seem to
 include numbers 0, 2, 4, and 8 (EVA o, r, l OR q if l is X=10) and 8, but no
 1, 3,
 5 or 7? If these are present, they are roman numbers, not arabic. Of course,
 there is
 9, so everything is very confusing, but one has to start somewhere...
 Also, there are 4 (or 8) gallows, 2 of which have 2 legs an two of which
 have only 1,
 a detail which also hints to some kind of sequential or numbering system, or
 at least
 some kind of logic behind all the gibberish-looking repetitions...

The 9 fooled me too. There ARE just 4 Gallows (the c_GALLOWS_c create 
their mirror image and new (flip/folding placement)table/key. = 8)

The one-leg, & two leg gallows shows up on BOTH sides of the mirror ! 

see http://www.diac.com/~ekwall2/voynich

hope that helps
Best to you & yours there
steve ( BINGO for you! :-) ekwall

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