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Re: VMs: An improved version of the voynichese-coding

It seems to me, given your elaborations on you scheme, that you are in a
position to write code (or used a canned tool like bitrans) to reduce EVA
or other versions of the VMs to what might be called cannonical form -
simplest representation of each character in terms of your tables.  You
don't know, of course, the actual mapping from these cannonical character
representations to particular Latin characters, though your examples make
a reasonable starting place, but you can predict the characters entities.

After that you have a text encoded in, in the simple case, 4 character
sets which do not, individually, conceal alphabetic frequencies.  That
ought to be relatively easy to break using standard techniques.  So you
have an eminently testable hypothesis.

John E. Koontz
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