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Re: VMs: Something for the list to check out.

Zitat von elillie@xxxxxxxxxxxx:

> ...
> That said, everyone sharpen up those axes and take a look at the paper
> I've posted at:
>             http://members.localnet.com/~elillie/VoynichDante.doc

I don't mean to sound overly negative, but -- No.

Your paper might just as well prove that the VM is an early version of Batman, 
since the common "qokedy" string looks a bit like "Gotham". The other 
coincidences you cite are trivial and marginal. And where is Vergil?

I think you fell for the "Nostradamus" effect, matching vague stanzas 
arbitrarily with in this case even more vague VM images.

Unfortunately you hid the most interesting part of your paper in the appendix: 
I find your tentative explanation for the gallows very interesting, and well 
worth further pursuit.

Sorry for the bashingly negative review,

   Elmar, still working on the Fincher hypothesis

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