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Re: VMs: A very important discovery!!

Hi Jose,

Do I understand correctly:

1.) You measured, for various points in the text, the number of different 
words, divided by the total number of words, up to this point.

2.) At first, you found a constant decrease of this value the further you moved 
ahead in your text. (Which is to be expected, since every language vocabulary 
is limited.)

3.) Then you sorted the VM text lines alphabetically and found that, when you 
came across a line starting with a gallows character, your curve showed a small 

4.) You deduce from this that the gallows serve to introduce "new words", or 
serve as keys to change the encoding scheme.

This sounds reasonable at first sight. But I have some doubts, especially since 
the peaks in your curve show up only when the text is sorted (why?), and they 
are not very distinct.

Wouldn't it be possible that they are just statistical artefacts of the word-
composition rules which are in effect generally? (I mean, we know that the text 
is not random, but the composition follows underlying rules.)

Very interesting in any case; I'm just not yet sure what it means.



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