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Re: VMs: A very important discovery!!

Hi Elmar! 

   The process is as you describe it.

> This sounds reasonable at first sight. But I have
> some doubts, especially since 
> the peaks in your curve show up only when the text
> is sorted (why?), and they 
> are not very distinct.

   Well, at the moment I think an acceptable

   Let suppose that first gallow is the key to de/code
all the paragraph  (by means of tables, or other
similar methods). The paragraphs are not (generally)
very long and are around 5, 10 or 15 lines. So that
each certain line number we can have another key. This
number of lines is very small so we can see some peak
int the graphic. (However, if we pay attention to the 
VMS' graph, we can observe very small peaks! that in
the examples of other texts we can't see it - With the
exception of the text: "Orlando Furioso" but it is a
great wave and not a peak). 

   Nevertheless, if we collect all the beginnings of
paragraphs that begin by gallow we will see greater
peaks since there are more lines than a paragraph has.
(whit gallow f have 14 lines, k: 49 and p:89). I think
that this can explain it. 

> Wouldn't it be possible that they are just
> statistical artefacts of the word-
> composition rules which are in effect generally? (I
> mean, we know that the text 
> is not random, but the composition follows
> underlying rules.)

   Yes it can. But we can't deny that have a
connection between gallows and the "vocabulary" used
in this line or paragraph.

   If I'm mistaken you say me, but I think that my
reasoning is plausible.

Regards, Jose.

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