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VMs: Kraus about Ruysschaert

Dear all,

a few weeks ago already, I received an E-mail from
Howard Mather, who had a carbon copy of a letter
from Kraus to Friedman. It refers to Kraus' visit
to Rome, which is described in:

It says in a postscriptum:

 "when I was, a few weeks ago, in the Vatican Library,
I found out that the Cipher Manuscript comes from the
library of the Collegium Romanum, which was housed in
1911 in the Mandragone Monastery in Frascati. The
Vatican Library bought the whole collection and the
Cipher Manuscript with the other 17 illuminated
manuscripts are still listed in the inventory. This
inventory was printed by Ruysschaert ? Codices
Vaticani latini 11414 ? 11709. And on page vii it is
mentioned that the Cipher manuscript, together with
others, was sold by the Jesuits to Voynich."

This explains Ruysschaert's confusion as noted
on the history web page cited above. It is also
the first time I have ever seen in writing that the
Mondragone held the library of the Collegium
Romanum, even though we knew that by now.

Of course, Kraus was partly wrong since the 
Vatican only bought a part of the collection. Other
material has been transferred to the Gregorian
Archives in the mean time.

Cheers, Rene

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