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VMs: EVA Capital-Letter-Encoded Bar-Ligatures at the Takeshi Takahashi Site

I notice that the full Takeshi Takahashi transcription file (see "All
Pages" in http://www.voynich.com/pages/index.htm) uses only lowercase
letters, while the individual page transcriptions (linked into
http://www.voynich.com/pages/index.htm) carefully use capitalization in
the manner described at (http://www.voynich.nu/extra/eva.html) by Landini
to indicate bar-ligatures between characters.  As a result the full
version of the file only indicates the bar ligatures in connection with
EVA ch and sh (and q and embenched gallows like cth, etc.).  Is this just
a historical chance in the development of the Takehashi site?

I ask because the more I look at D'Imperio's Figure 18 (see
http://www.voynich.com/enigma/fig18.pdf) (right, everything!), the more I
suspect that the inclusion of this mark is not random, unless perhaps a
great deal of the text is random misdirection.  Presumably whatever the
bar-ligature does is particularly often required between ee and se,
leading to the frequency of ch and sh as such in the texts.

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